Open only to international students

Application Deadline: APRIL 30th

2019 Admission Brochure for International Students
​Required documents:

  1. Check-list of required documents
  2. Receipt of payment (USD 40 dollars or NTD 1,200 dollars)
  3. One copy of an Affidavit for Admission (attachment 1, p.74)
  4. One copy of Application Form for Admission (online)
  5. One copy of the applicant’s passport or nationality document.
  6. One photocopy of documentary evidence of educational background and transcript over the years.
  7. A financial statement or a document certifying  financial ability of at least USD 6,500 or NTD 200,000.​

Required academic documents (in English)

  1. University/ College Certificate of Degree / Diploma and transcript over the years.
  2. An autobiography or a Personal Statement (no more than two A4 pages).
  3. Study plan.
  4. English proficiency test score (applied to students whose first language is not English).
  5. Other documents that may facilitate the review.

*All the submitted documents will neither be returned or replaced, even upon request.
*Please look up the guideline for the detailed information for application.

Please prepare all the required documents for online application. The online link for application will be available from Feb. 1st.
2019 Admission Brochure for International Students

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