Director’s Welcome

M.Ed. in Learning and Instruction focuses on learner-centered instruction, learning theories and strategies, Mobile Learning and Learning Assessment. International students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent are welcome. All courses are held in English. No TOCFL or Chinese tests required.
We believe instruction should be like the Solar system, in which the sun is in the center and the nine planets revolve round it.  Similarly, in a learning institution, students’ learning should be in the center, and the teaching, assessment, learning environment operate according to it. With this belief in mind, we present to international students M.Ed. in learning and instruction.Founded in 1895, National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) is the most prestigious higher education institution on teacher education In Taiwan.  NTUE also founded the first graduate institute of Curriculum and Instruction in Taiwan.  Many professors receive government fund to conduct research projects on students’ learning, teaching and assessment.  With this strong professional background, NTUE aims to start MA in Learning and Instruction in September 2017, focuses on the research of learning centered instruction.  This Master program welcomes international students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The instructional language is English.  Students do no need to take TOCFL or other Chinese tests.

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