Reading Theories and Practice (Elective)

Reading Theories and Practice

Instructor: Wen-Yun Lin, Ph. D.

Course Aims:

  1. To gain knowledge of reading process, the reading curriculum and reading strategies.
  2. To become knowledgeable about the various programs and materials that are available for reading instruction.
  3. To build knowledge of a range of instructional strategies that support students reading and thinking across different content areas.
  4. To be able to apply these understanding to critique, design, assess and select appropriate instructional practices for students from different linguistic, cultural and economic backgrounds.

Proposed Topics:

  1. Historical perspective of reading instruction
  2. Reading theories and their relations to reading instruction
  3. Reading theories and research
  4. Reading process
  5. Reading strategies
  6. Reading curriculum and instruction
  7. Reading in the content area
  8. Reading assessment


  1. Participation (30%)
    Participation is based upon attendance and engagement in class.
  2. Reading reflection (40%)
    Reading reflection is required for every week.
  3. Project (30%)
    Final project will be decided based on student’s personal goal and need.

Required Textbook:

  1. Samuels, S. Jay & Farstrup, Alan E. (2011). What Research Has to Say About Reading Instruction ( 4th Edition). International Literacy Association. Newark, DE.
  2. Weaver, Constance (2002). Reading Process and Practice (Edition 3). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.



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